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Christmas Issue 2018

Issues 2018

Christmas Edition - Available for pdf file purchase!
'My Hometown' - Another couple towns are on the christmas list - Bredenbury SK Canada and Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia Canada!
'Oh Christmas Tree' - A tree farm specifically for those who would like to cut down their own tree! Read how much work and time it takes to make it work
'Town Christmas traditions' - Christmas events at a community near you
Small Town Christmas Shots
Holiday Recipes for your Palate
Towns of Christmas spirit - A visit to towns all over that celebrate Christmas in their own special way
Holiday Train- CP rail has run their Holiday Train now for 20 years!  Read on what it's all about and how it has endeared small towns for two decades!
SMALL TOWN ENTREPRENEUR - A writer is featured in this outing and his unique stories are front and center!
Christmas Memes -Some fun aimed at the Christmas Season
Out the Backdoor
- Another great view out your back door

Let's see where the road will take us
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