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Fall Issue 2018

Issues 2018

Fall Edition - Available for a PDF File purchase!

"My Hometown"  - Two new towns get featured in this outing!  Fort qu'appelle SK and Gull Lake SK.  we'll see how each town is getting on in this day and age and what makes them unique in their own way!
'HOMETOWN town crews' - Another take on our Hometown Hero as this outing features an often forgotten group in every town, the Town Employee!  These are the front line people who keep their towns functioning!  We'll visit with a town crew in this edition
'SMALL TOWN ENTREPENEURS' - A new feature looking at writers, artists, self employed individuals who make a small town their home and how they make it work!
'BACK TO THE BOOKS' - With the arrival of Fall so to does another school year!  If there is one constant with all small towns it is how they adapt to keep their schools open and how to maintain their enrollment! Some schools have combined their sports teams, among other creative ways to stay open!  We'll talk to a few teachers and get their perspective on how to keep the school bell ringing in your town!
'BACK TO SCHOOL & fall MEMES' - A little fun with those heading back to the classroom and for the changing of the seasons!
'STORM CHASERS' - We chat with American Storm Chaser Nick Drieshman and have a look at his Extreme Tornado Tours that he offers up to tourists!  Some exciting photo shots of those tours show us just what mother nature can really do during the stormy season!
'RECIPES FOR YOUR PALATE' - Fall is here, and some new recipes for you to try and taste!
'FALL SUPPERS' - Time to reap the awesomeness of our summer gardens and we take a look at a typical fall tradition!
'OUT THE BACKDOOR' - Another scenic view out your backdoor!
' - More great shots of activities in small Towns

Let's see where the road will take us
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