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Prelude to Summer 2019

Issues 2019

pRELUDE TO Summer Edition - Available for a pdf file purchase!

'My Hometown' - Legal, Alberta Canada & Neepawa, Manitoba Canada
Small Town Business - Trevor Kerr 'Kerr's Bouncers' from Stockholm Saskatchewan
Small Town Entrepreneur - Writer Elmer McInness
Volunteers:A backbone of all small towns - Pet Rescue shelters
Recipes for your Palate - A few refreshing ideas to satisfy your thirst and hunger!
Storm Chasers - A visit with one of Canada's storm experts - Justin Hobson - Senior Defence Meteorologist at Environment Canada and Climate Change Canada - from Victoria Bristish Columbia
Communities in Bloom - Time to show off the Flowers!
Features on: Town Murals - Backyard Decks - Gardens - Mother's and Father's day
Animal Memes - The animals are always entertaining!
Out the Backdoor - showtime!

Let's see where the road will take us
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