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Re-Release of Spooky Edition 2018

Issues 2019

re-Release of 2018's 'Spooky Edition' -  available for a pdf file purchase

Special Spooky Edition -

'My Ghost towns' - A look at American towns that were once populated but now stand empty except for the odd tumbleweed rolling through the streets
'Small Town Entrepreneurs' - A unique chat with a 'witch'.  A look at the stereotypes they have to contend with these days
'Hallows Eve recipes' - Some spooky snacks and foods to serve up this hallowe'en!
'Pumpkin Quest' -A Search for the perfect pumpkin!
'Hallowe'en Small town shots'- Even small towns deck themselves out for some fun every hallows eve!
'My Ghost towns'- A look at some Canadian 'haunted' locales and their legends.
'Ghost Chasers'- A twist on our Storm Chaser feature with a fun discussion with two individuals who have taken their 'ghost chasing' to small towns everywhere, and some interesting experiences along the way!  We'll see if they've actually been 'scared'
'Hallowe'en memes' - Some fun with the spooky season!
'Into the Maze' - Corn mazes are quite popular for hallowe'en.  A look at one and the fun it offers

Let's see where the road will take us
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