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Special Summer Edition 2018

Issues 2018

Town Life - Special Summer Edition Available for PDF File purchase !

Articles featured:
'MY Hometown' - One town this time out as we focus on Minnedosa MB and how a community of just under 2300 people is a great place to take a holiday and has been the home of a Classic Rock festival for 15 years!
town Summer Sights - A look at assorted tourist attractions, sites and more! What gems are hiding out there that you may have never heard of?  We'll explore a few spots to give you some ideas for your vacation travels! We'll be including small town fairs/sports days and a feature on towns using their old train stations as their local museum attraction!
Regional Parks - An Article on how towns are using their surrounding landscapes for parks that help draw in tourist to the area whether its for camping, hiking, fishing or more.
Recipes for your Palate - In the midst of summer we have some really great recipes to liven up your grill and impress your family and friends!
Storm Chasers:
Our feature on Storm Chasers is back, delayed by one issue because of the crazy amount of storms going on this summer and our chasers have been busy, well, chasing!  This issue we chat with Craig Boehm from Saskatchewan and see why he's taken up the chase and showcase some of his fantastic summer storm pictures!  Should be quite the interesting story!
Small Town Summer Shots - Great pictures of small towns and the activities of summer!
Vacation Memes - Some fun for those vacation days!
Out the Backdoor -
Bryan Mierau shows off his photography skills with some stunning fireworks out his backdoor!

**A huge thank you to everyone who submitted ideas, and photo's for the Special Summer Edition: My fellow co-writer on Town Life Marsha Olivia Meadows, Bryan Mierau, Allen Carlson, Melanie Kamentz Chehorsky, Kayla Onufreychuk of 'Uniquely Kayla Photography', Andrea Gardner, Brandi Zavislak, Hector Paulhus, Storm Chaser/photographer Craig Boehm, Jennifer Stead and Ryan Crouse.

Let's see where the road will take us
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